Remember It Was A Veteran

  Remember it was a Veteran, Not a Reporter who gave us Freedom of the Press!
   It was a Veteran, Not a Poet, who gave us Freedom of speech.
   It was a Veteran Not a Lawyer who gave us the right to a Fair Trial.
   It was a Veteran, Not a campus organizer, who gave us the right to Demonstrate.
   Its a Veteran who Slautes the Flag,
   Who Served under the Flag,
   Whose coffin is Draped by the Flag,
   Who allows the Protestors to burn the Flag.

Written by: Father Dennis O'Brien, USMC
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 We still need a few good men and women to join the post and take over, relieve the Vietnam vets that are running it now. The VFW will pay your first years dues. Last year we turned 75, the post should go on for at least another 75 years. Lester Whitney, senior vice commander.

Yesterday the Prosser VFW post turned 75. It is time for all the younger warriors to come to the aid of the post and start to run it, as you would see fit. Remember it is your post also. Thank you for your service to our great country and have a happy veterans day. 

  Post commander  Lester Whitney

Sandi Ward
I just want to thank all the men and women who were at the memorial service on Saturday July 30 in Prosser for my dad Cal Bickle. They were amazing and it meant so much to the family to have the honor of their presence. Thank you so much! You are truly angels.

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